What are you?
Le Nguyen

Level Aims Grammar Time Materials
senior high school time-filler none 10-15 mins. none

This is an "up the sleeves" game for when you have too much time left after a lesson or you are asked to produce a game on the spur of the moment.

Tell the students to write down the name of an animal they would like for a pet.

Write down 3 adjectives to describe this pet.

Eg. Cute, beautiful, smart, etc.

Then get them to write down the name of an animal in the zoo.

Write down 3 adjectives to describe this animal.

Try to encourage the students to use creative adjectives by using the dictionary instead of sticking with the commonly-used adjectives like cute or small since it gets boring after you hear the answers from 3 students.

After all the students are done, you tell them that it is a psychology game. It is better to tell this to students after they wrote down everything. If you tell them ahead of time, they might try too hard and the answers might not be what they really think.


The pet that they have chosen along with the adjectives describing this pet is what they really think of themselves.

The animal in the zoo and its description is what they think other people think of them.

Get the students to read out the two animals and adjectives. Some answers can be quite funny or strange depending on your taste.

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