Tips on printing, saving and editing
Ed Edgar

This page is directed at people unfamiliar with printing, editing and saving internet documents, particularly non-Japanese-speakers using a Japanese Operating system. If you're using an English-language OS, the Japanese characters on this page may not display correctly. Don't worry.

Note: This site uses frames (where you get more than one window in your browser at once). This can cause problems when saving, editing and printing, so it's best to select "View this page without frames" before you try to do anything.


It should work if you click on Print (印刷). If all you get are lots of funny symbols, it probably means the wrong printer is selected. To fix this, go to File (ファイル), Print (印刷), and select the right printer from the list box headed Printer Name (プリンタ名). Background colours can also cause problems went printing from the net using black-and-white printers. To select or unselect printing of background colours:


Click File (ファイル), Save As (名前を付けて保存), click on the folder or disk drive you want to save in and change the filename if you don't like the one it's given you. If your browser is reasonably up-to-date, it should save the pictures at the same time. If not, you'll need to save any pictures you want separately. You usually do this by clicking the right mouse button over the picture as selecting something like "Save image as..." (名前を付けて画像を保存). Don't change the filename (if it's a worksheet it should read blahblahws.gif), and make sure it's in the same directory you save the page in. (Otherwise when you load the webpage it won't know where to find the picture.)



All these worksheets were developed for specific situations, and in many case you're better off starting from scratch. Word-processors like Word and Ichi-Taro can read internet pages, but not very well. But they're getting better, sometimes altering the old worksheet might save you some time, especially if you have a fairly new version. Internet Explorer has a little Word icon in the top right-hand corner. If you click on that, the page should pop up in editable form. Alternatively, once you've saved a page you can load it into your word processor using File (ファイル), Open (開く). You may need to change the File Type (ファイルの種類) to All Files (すべてのファイル) to make it appear.

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