Tim Glass

Actually, that heading should read 'Activities', but students have no idea what they are, whereas they understand 'Game' exactly! The following are a series of classroom activities designed to interest students in learning or reviewing English grammar. They cover all forms of language acquisition, but specifically target oral communication. You might even find something here that you like doing! One thing almost all of these activities have in common is that they are designed to get the students up out of their seats and communicating using English. Don't be afraid of loud classes, remember that:

@@ ... as language teachers, we have as much right to get our classes producing a volume of sound as do music teachers. There would be a strong case for sound-proofing our classrooms so that our work does not disturb that of other colleagues. How can we teach language in decorous silence?

(M. Rinvolucri, p.4, Grammar Games, Cambridge Uni Press, 1984)

Get those students talking!

Tim Glass, 1997

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