Ed Edgar

The Three Wise Monkeys collection, and the Minefields book from which much of its material is drawn, are published here on an entirely non-profit-making basis.

Where names are given, they are the names of people who submitted activities to us, not necessarily the names of people who invented them. In many cases, activities included in this collection are already circulating elsewhere.

To the best of our knowledge, all of the materials here may be freely used and circulated with the permission of their copyright holders. However, since this collection contains activites submitted by many different people, most of whom are now scattered around various different parts of the world, we cannot be 100% certain that they have not given us materials owned by other people and not licensed for distribution.

If you believe we are violating your copyright, please contact us immediately so that we can either remove the offending item or give it proper acknowledgement, as you prefer.

As far as we are concerned, any of the materials here may be freely copied, circulated and reproduced. But bear in mind that we cannot guarantee that in doing so you will not be inadvertantly violating someone else's copyright, and we accept no responsibility for any sticky situations that the reproduction of these materials might land you in.

Ed Edgar, March, 2000

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